The MASSIVE Shift Experience - 3-Day Workshop You'll walk away with a clarity, mission, message and purpose for your life & your business like never before.

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In the most spectacular setting...

Just outside Phoenix, AZ

June 17-19, 2022

Spend 3 jam-packed days in the most spectacular setting, and you'll walk away with a clarity, mission, message, and purpose for your life and your business like never before. 

And most importantly, you'll have the knowledge and the exact path to get from your vision and dream to manifestation and reality over the next 6 to 12 months.

Join an amazing group of like-minded people - entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing their unique message to the world, having an impact and changing lives.

I can't WAIT to see you in this spectacular desert setting in June!


Here's What's Happening


9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Day 1: Identifying Your Soul Signature - Your Unique Mission & Purpose

Today is all about Clarity. 

Because clarity is POWER.

We'll be digging deep into a series of exercises so you will...

  •  Identify your passion
  •  Define your essence
  •  Discover your Soul Signature, your purpose
  •  Find your unique mission
  •  Develop a high performance, results-driven mission statement, that will serve as an empowering guide through each step in the creation & evolution of your business

 And... uncover the Greatest Expression of You!

You'll learn the how to evaluate your PIP - Personal Income Potential.  

You'll gain an understanding of the Universal Laws of Success. 

And the Art & Science of Success.

You'll see the Power of a Vision-driven Life vs. a Condition-driven Life.

You'll experience a 5-Step Visioning Process.

.   And...

You'll Discover How To Create A Business & A Life You Love Living In Every Way!


9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Day 2: Your Message To The World

Discovering Your Hero's Journey

"The Hero's Journey begins with the Call To Adventure, a grand summons that beckons the hero to leave old concepts and journey forth into new ways of being."

 Jean Houston, The Wizard of Us

If you're here, you've felt the call. 

The call, as Jean Houston puts it..."from the earth herself and her people, the hounds of heaven barking at your heels, calling you to make a difference in the world."

Today you'll uncover your Personal Hero's Journey.

Building on the foundation from Day 1, through a series of powerful processes, you'll craft your story -- your journey -- with vulnerability, authenticity, and credibility.

You'll discover how your Hero's Journey becomes your Brand.

You'll see how pulling your life lessons from your journey creates your Message.

And how you build from the story of your Personal Hero's Journey, to your Brand, to your Message, to your Marketing.

From this place of authenticity and integrity you will get Your Message To The World.


It's from your very real, genuine voice that you will naturally draw to you those people who are open and receptive to what you uniquely have to offer.

It's from Your Calling that Your Tribe will be Called to YOU!


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Day 3: The Map from Your Vision & Dream to Manifestation & Reality 

Your 12 Month Blueprint to 6, or Multiple 6 Figures

Today you'll...

  •  Learn the 3-Step Creative Process for any business
  •  Discover how to turn your life lessons into your Products & Services, or your Unique Model for your network marketing business
  •  Get the 5 Funnel Forever Client Generation System
  •  Start building your own Ascension Blueprint

And...Create a Step-by-Step Road Map to your 6 figure, or even multiple 6 figure business.

Through The MASSIVE Shift Experience, A Whole New World Of Opportunity Will Open Up For You!

By the end of day 3, you will...

==> Have clarity on your Soul Signature, your Mission, Purpose and Calling

==> Know you CAN fulfill your longing to Have an Impact and Transform Lives 

==> Have uncovered your Hero's Journey 

==> Identified your Message To The World 

==> Have a 12-Month Road Map To Success

==> And...Be stepping into the Greatest Expression of You. 

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Marge Budensiek - Iowa

Tony Incassati - New York

Curtis Autry - Ohio

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June 17 -19, 2022

Phoenix, AZ

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